May 29, 2022

How Blogger IB. Bansah is impacting New Bloggers and Changing the Face of Blogging in Ghana

Blogger IB. Bansah

You landed on this article probably because you were making a search on bloggers in Ghana. The face of blogging in Ghana which is mostly referred to as the gateway to Africa is fast evolving and one blogger popularly known as IB. BANSAH is leading this Change.

In this article, we dive into How Blogger IB. Bansah is impacting new and upcoming Bloggers and changing how Blogging is seen among the youth.

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How Blogger IB. Bansah is impacting New Bloggers and Changing the Face of Blogging in Ghana

What is Blogging?

A blog is an online platform where users can share their thoughts and ideas on a given topic. Blogging can be an effective way to build an audience around a particular topic or interest.

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In order to be successful, bloggers must produce high-quality content that is relevant and interesting to their audience. Additionally, bloggers should strive to create a unique voice and perspective that sets them apart from other bloggers in their niche.

Who is IB. Bansah

Israel Boafo Bansah popularly referred to as IB. Bansah is a blogger, entrepreneur, and travel consultant from Ghana who is shaking up the blogging scene in his home country. Bansah started blogging in 2014 as a passion to talk about things happening on campus when he was a student of Legon.

He is candid about both the good and bad aspects of blogging, sharing his experiences with honesty and humility. In doing so, he has helped many other bloggers find their voice and given them hope for a future in blogging in Ghana.

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Israel Boafo Bansah was born in the Volta region of Ghana. He had his basic education at Dora Memorial School in the regional Capital and moved to Kpando Senior High School where he offered Business Accounting.

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How Blogger IB. Bansah is impacting New Bloggers and Changing the Face of Blogging in Ghana

IB however proceeded to the University of Ghana where he had a degree in political science. His passion as a blogger started when he was a Political Science student at the University of Ghana, Legon.

According to IB. Bansah, his journey as a blogger has not been an easy one as he faced so many challenges along the way. Some include he has been scammed many times all in the name of getting Google AdSense on his blog Legonconnect. Oh, before I forget the boy from Sokode is the founder of the popular education blog legonconnect and other great entertainment blogs such as His first blog as a blogger was, which is one of the most visited educational blogs in Ghana.

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How does IB.Bansah make his money as a Ghanaian Blogger?

Israel Bansah today is known as the richest blogger in Ghana. He makes his money from running so many blogs in Education, Entertainment, Insurance, Banking and Sports.

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How does IB.Bansah make his money as a Ghanaian Blogger?

From sources, Bansah makes around $1000 daily from blogging. He once jokingly remarked that he earns more than lecturers, lawyers, doctors and even the president of Ghana.

Now that we know who IB.Bansah is, let’s take a look at how Israel Boafo Bansah is changing the face of blogging in Ghana.

How Blogger IB. Bansah is impacting New Bloggers and Changing the Face of Blogging in Ghana?

Blogger IB. Bansah is no doubt changing the face of blogging in Ghana and impacting bloggers in ways imaginable. Bansah quit his job in 2017 to blog full-time and now helping other bloggers do the same.

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He’s shown that with hard work, passion, and blogging the right way, it’s possible to make a living from full-time blogging in Ghana.

Well in 2021, Bansah organized a masterclass for bloggers in Ghana to educate them on how to make more revenue from their blogs. The master class was called zero to hero blogging master class and was held on 28th August 2021. The class was attended by many bloggers in Ghana who wanted to know how IB. Bansah was making such huge amounts just with his blogs because many bloggers in Ghana were struggling to make $ 1 a day from their blogs.

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Blogger IB. Bansah
How Blogger IB. Bansah is impacting New Bloggers and Changing the Face of Blogging in Ghana

During the class, Israel educated both new bloggers and already existing bloggers on the keys to making more money as bloggers in Ghana. He started from the basics where he talked about domain and hosting buying, how to write contents that will rank, how to do keyword research, how to increase your CTR, special ad placements to increase revenue, and a personal skill that he use to triple his revenue. He also talked about some of the AdSense alternatives that bloggers in Ghana can apply for and make more money aside from Google AdSense.

After the class, many testimonies from bloggers who took part are mind overblowing. IB has created a mindset that now bloggers in Ghana have taken blogging seriously.  Thanks to Israel Boafo Bansah, Ghanaian Bloggers are now a force to be reckoned with.

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In a country where the media was tightly controlled, bloggers are now using their voices to share stories and report on issues that matter most to them and their readers. From politics and human rights to fashion, travel, entertainment, and lifestyle, Ghanaian bloggers are writing about it all, and they’re gaining a following in the process. What makes Ghanaian bloggers unique is their willingness to tackle sensitive topics head-on. They’re not afraid to speak out against government corruption or call for change.

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How Blogger IB. Bansah is impacting New Bloggers and Changing the Face of Blogging in Ghana

Israel Boafo Bansah passionately referred to as IB. Bansah is no doubt a blogger changing the story in an economy where unemployment is highly skyrocketing, and pay grades are way below the bar.

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