November 7, 2021

listen to all the songs from the final season

listen to all the songs from the final season


Fans went wild for the new show on Friday, July 9, when season 4 of the Netflix hit Atypical hit theaters. This season follows Sam, Elsa, Kathy and Doug as they navigate their lives alone, new relationships and difficult emotions. Fans of the show want to know where they can listen to the Season 4 soundtrack. We share the track list with you.


What is atypical?

Atypical follows a teenager named Sam (Keir Gilchrist) as he tries to navigate life and love on the autism spectrum.


The first season aired way back in 2017 and has been a Netflix hit. Fans have fallen in love with the tender and intimate relationship between the characters.

The first season was originally criticize Because it lacks autistic flair and representation on and off screen. However, starting with season two, the series has seen more autistic actors and writers.

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What songs are featured on the Atypical Season 4 soundtrack?

Atypical is known for his indie-pop soundtrack that supports the emotional and intimate nature of the show. However, no official soundtrack album has been released yet.

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Let’s take a look at some of the main songs from Season 4’s atypical soundtrack.

Songs from the first episode of Magic Birds include Jungle by Dillanponders and Ruby Waters, as well as Little By Little by Joel Taylor and Reasons to Give Up In You by Sleepwalkers.

I see Episode 2 song Such as LostBoyCrow’s Strawberry Sunscreen, which accompanied Izzy learning to ride a bike. And what had to be changed for “Japan House” and too many colors for “Double Shadow”.

Episodes 3 and 4 continued with indie music such as Claire Guerreso’s Feel So Good, Miss Li’s Break The Barrier and Tommy Ashby’s Blood Wold Moon.

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The last few episodes have some more upbeat tracks, such as Still Got The Funk by Matthew Goodman and Matthew Bento. And more emotional songs like Katie Ruvane’s True and Freyr’s Over My Head.

We were certainly excited to see the final episode!


You can find the full list of Season 4’s atypical soundtracks here.

There are also fans of making Spotify playlist Soundtracks for all four seasons together. So you can listen to your favorite music for hours at a time.

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How many episodes are there this season?

Season 4 of Atypical has ten half-hour episodes, all released simultaneously on Netflix.

That means you can binge on the entire collection in one go; grab a snack and get comfortable.

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ATYPICAL (left to right) KEIR GILCHRIST as SAM GARDNER and NIK DODANI as ZAHID in episode 409 of ATYPICAL Cr. Greg Guyne/Netflix © 2021

This season will be the last one The entire series and fans are very grateful that the show had to end in its own way.

We can’t wait to listen to these songs again and again!

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