June 28, 2022

The 10 Most Effective Logo Redesigns for 2022 

We’re half way through the year, and there’s been some excellent logo design updates in 2022. In this article we’ll highlight our top logo changes of 2022 thus far, along with design tips and tips regarding how to create your personal logo.

At the very beginning There are a few of distinct design trends that are emerging this year. Take them as less strict guidelines for design and more of a design approach. These are two trends we’re seeing more of as the year progresses:

  • A retro-look that is revitalizing. Tons of companies are looking back at their origins to move to the future. Many brands are striving to tie their current orientation to their past and create a more cohesive story, look out for new logos and designs that reflect the historical aspects of companies in subtleor less subtle ways.
  • Connected logos for branding. Increasingly, brands are beginning to think carefully about how their logos reflect and reflects their larger brand’s identity. Expect to see lots of logo-related visual elements being used in applications for brands such as websites, apps as well as in advertisements. GSK and Minecraft’s brand new logos are just two amazing illustrations of this style.
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Let’s to look through some of the logos!

1. M&M’s

The M&M’s new logo is updated to reflect a changing world. Based on Mars the slight logo tweak from an bent logo to a straight logo shifts your focus towards the ampersand, indicating the brand’s emphasis on the sense of belonging and unity. M&M’s character sets have also changed in a significant way, particularly with the clothes that some Ms wear.

What we like about the design: from a design standpoint, the new logo is sure to attract your attention towards the ampersand. It’s an excellent experiment to develop visually hierarchy and utilizing subtle design elements such as the space around the letters to focus attention and expand on Mars the concept.

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2. Instagram

The lines are more defined while the color is more pleasant. Instagram’s logo redesign in 2022 is a fantastic illustration of how to modify your logo for a positive effects without altering things too much.

As per Instagram the new branding identity was ‘created to continue to evolve to help…create more rich and welcoming experiences.” Awesome!

Why we love the design: Instagram’s new logo update isn’t huge, but it’s powerful. The strong gradient makes the logo of the app make an impression in mobile phones. Additionally, it’s been several years since Instagram had changed its logo. A new logo design is a great method to draw attention and encourage people to talk about your company.

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3. Baskin Robbins

New Baskin Robbins logo is less artificial and certainly more traditional. The company has said that the new brand is an attempt to draw new consumers to the brand after having finally gotten rid of its old nostalgic logo. In bringing back the color scheme of brown and pink for Baskin Robbins’ original advertising campaign in 1953, the company is returning to its origins to reenergize its image.

Tip: Colors have an enormous influence on the logo you’re using, and is among the most effective methods to establish a mood with the brand’s personality. Take a moment to think about the color combinations of colors that you can utilize when making your logo.

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Turkish café? The marks found on the surface of a Russian spacecraft a century after the death of humanity? This is Cnet’s brand new logo.

A surprising choice in logo design this year 2022 is the year 2022 will be the year 2022. CNET logo revamp is a bid to provide confidence and trust to the tech news site that is seeking to expand its reach beyond technology.

The brand’s new Wordmark Logo is an incredible design that uses typography to convey personality and is successful in providing CNET an upscale look to the brand that had previously appeared to be a news website for tech.

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5. Minecraft

Another example of small modifications to a logo that have a huge effect (sort or). A updated Minecraft Logo and a fresh visual identity developed by Bold incorporates a modernized perspective of the visual frame and improved coloring. The new brand is modern as well as flexible and retro-cool.

6. Stanley Cup Playoffs

Gorgeous to watch for the brand’s designer. Very difficult to see as an Leafs fan. 2022 brought a huge and massive logo overhaul to the biggest spectacle on the ice: the Stanley Cup Playoffs.

The new Stanley Cup logo takes elements of the lore of hockey and memorabilia to revive the brand of the tournament. The design of the shield refers to the championship banners that are hung in the arenas where the winners of the trophy.

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The logo font for the ‘Stanley Cup’ corresponds to the original engravings of the tournament cup. The combination of fonts for the word ‘Playoffs is a reflection of the script on the Montreal’s Windsor Hotel, site of the establishment of the NHL in 1917.

What we like about the new logo: The new design’s modern design is better suited for a legendary sporting event as opposed to the original one that looked like the logo of an event like a Beyblade event.

7. Indeed

Created to assist all people find jobs. This is the tagline of the job website Indeed’s brand new branding. Now, while they didn’t actually update their logo in any way but this is worth mentioning. With a particular focus on lively color range, and ‘human and authentic’ images, Indeed’s brand has evolved from 2021’s ‘every single generic tech company’s blue to an updatedand gorgeous website and brand identity.

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8. GSK

The new logo brings together technology, science and creativity It’s the way the design company Wolff Olins describes GSK’s new brand identity and logo. This is a theme that you’ve seen on logo rebrands of the past year, reaching back to the brand’s past and past to propel forward into a brand-new future.

Why we love the design: GSK’s new logo is a great example of the way your brand’s identity can extend your brand’s logo (and in reverse) With designs and elements of the logo being used repeatedly on the website of the company.

9. Nakd

A favorite among lunchboxes, hikers, and office snacks The Nakd snacks label was redesigned by BrandMe in June of this year. The grungy edges have been removed and the green of the booger from the original logo, the snack giant has chosen to go with a more modern and more flexible logo which will benefit the brand for many years to be.

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What we like about It: Simplicity works wonders. New Nakd logo is sleeker clearer and crisper. It also looks stunning to the eye.

10. Batman

In celebration of the debut of the new creative head Chip Zdarsky, and a new era of the Batman comic The Batman Logo has now been revamped for the first time since the year 2011. It was designed by designer Jorge Jimenez, Batman #125 will unveil the new logo on the 5th of July in 2022. The shadow is a representation of the bat symbol this new design is more striking and more grittier. the comic a fresh, modern appearance.

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Mark 2022 as your year by introducing a fresh logo

The year 2022 witnessed some of the biggest brands revamp their logos. If you’re trying to establish your own brand, or to breathe life into the existing logo, bear these guidelines in your head:

  • The world is evolving into an accessible and inclusive place for all. A lot of businesses are changing their design to reflect this.
  • Consider interesting storytelling elements for your brand to inspire your logo. Logos are an excellent method to convey your brand’s personality with the simplest, most compact application that is possible. Take a look at how your logo is written and the primary logo’s image convey your brand’s image.
  • The simplicity and legibility color along with visual structure are the most important aspects to consider when designing or redesigning your logo. What easy ways can you improve your logo without completely re-inventing the wheel or changing the brand?
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If you’re looking to move towards a fresh direction, and you’re looking to convey the story of your business by creating a new logo go to the logo maker, and start creating!

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