June 21, 2022

What is the best way to name a company?

Which is your most significant element in the creation of any company? The first element you see when searching for services? Name of business or brand obviously!

Why do you need to have a name for your business?

It’s the success and the reflection of the essence of the company name that could be the basis of your success. Imagine that you would like sushi but aren’t sure what to order and then the term “Sushi on Sushi” comes to mind. Your order is placed and you don’t even realize it’s simply a name that you liked. It’s simple for you to recall, and you have used the services of this company.

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This is because the name is a crucial factor in promoting products or services and also the desire for the company from consumers. It boosts interest, demand and sales, therefore it is crucial for you to pick the best name for your next project.

What is the best way to create an appropriate name for your company?

In order to come up with an appropriate name for your business it is necessary to study your target market, study your competition, and take into account the legal complexities.

An excellent name

  • The essence of the business whether it is its product or service;
  • easily understood by the audience
  • is distinct from the rest;
  • It is easy to write and easy to write and.
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A business with a unique name is more easy to locate an appropriate domain name and then apply for a trademark registration in Rospatent.

What do I need to do to prepare for the Naming?

Learn about the people you are talking to. To figure out the process of naming a company look through your brain of everything you know about prospective customers. The people they are as well as their age as well as where they live and where they work. This determines the tone of your communication – clearly respectful, neutral, or friendly. It is essential to talk to your viewers in the same manner.

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Choose a style that is appropriate for the name: unassuming (Lenta Hypermarket) or accommodating (Che how many Bars?) or informative (Accounting. Taxes. Arbitrage). It is crucial to use the same language that your audience.

Take a look at your competition. The proprietor of an online shop only has to search on the Internet to find the name of businesses who are operating in their area to keep up with the latest trends and avoid repeating the same mistakes. Before launching an offline venture it is advisable to look at the signals of your neighborsto ensure it doesn’t turn out exactly like the one in the photo.

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How can you manage the procedure?

If you’re not a professional, you can come up an appropriate name for the business better by working with the team. Ideally, you should invite the potential employees, but you can also invite family members or friends.

Each person should write on post-it notes any associations that pop into your mind whenever you talk about the product or service. It’s like playing a game however, for the benefit of the business. Phrases, words and even sentences, including the most bizarre ones, will perform. It’s not too difficult to figure out. The inspiration behind the name could come from any source.

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Consider which organizations best convey what the core of the company is and its products or the services it provides. These will be the foundation of the most reputable associations you’ll work with in the future. The aim of brainstorming process is not to identify the company, but rather to collect the information needed to help you in what’s next.

If you’re not in a position to think of ideas, association generators can assist. This is an excellent way to locate a unique name for your new business without much effort or cost.

Tips to come up with an unique name

With a few simple words The associations will be converted into pre-made names. Here are some name-making tricks.

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In the process of bringing out the product or service

The customer will be able to immediately understand the work of the business and what they can go to get.

Examples include: Travel agent “Sletat.ru”, cheese restaurant “Suluguni”, coffee shop Love you so Matcha (drinks inspired by Japanese matcha tea).

Find the abbreviation

It is possible to get a ready-made name by taking the first letter of the company’s full name and “mash” the initial syllables. The original method of naming was developed in the work of Maxim Ilyakhov, the author of the book “Write, Shorten”. Ilyakhov suggests calling the business that is involved in professional support for the filmmaking process POSPI.

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Examples: IKEA, CIAN (Central Real Estate Agency).

“Slamming” the phrase

Marketers use whole sentences to form one word. It could be a company slogan or an explanation of its products or values or a phrase from the lyrics of a song.

Examples: the delivery services “Nadomura”, the company “Vamokno”, the cafe “Vosaduli”.

Translate into French/German

The image of the company’s product or service is translated into a different language. The symbolism can be found in an identity or the logo.

Examples include TRUST Bank, L’Etoile retail stores Big Bro barbershop, World Class fitness clubs.

Utilize rhyme or rhythm

What sounds are related to an object? What happens if it is dropped? What happens if you repeat it over and over again? Phrases that rhyme are usually more easily remembered.

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Examples include the Flip-Flop brand (beach shoes) Kit-Kat chocolate Taobao on the internet, Yolki-Palki canteens Cio-Cio hairdressers.

A company’s last name

It’s usually the name that is last used by the person who founded or is a partner. The owners of shoe brands or clothing producers love this method. Some of the most well-known examples include Ford, McDonald’, Tommy Hilfiger, and McDonald’s.

Examples are: Examples: Dentistry “Professor Nikolayenko Clinic”, Studio “Dmitry Magin & Kristi”, clothing “Kalyaev”, confectionery “Volkonsky”, “bakeries Volchek”.

Inventing an Settlement

The process is based on the creation of quasi-toponyms — names for countries that do not exist cities, towns, and villages.

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Example: “Dreamland” park, “Vkusnoteevo” yogurts, “Smileville” children’s centre “Kuchenland” cookware stores.

Make a mental picture

The process is based on associations, and it is commonly employed in the catering as well as beauty business.

Examples: Waxing salon “Your Silk”, tanning studio “Sun of Sahara”, sports club “Bogatyr”, dumpling shop “Syvy Elephant”, karaoke “Club of wealthy moles” sauna “Sahara”, confectionery “Lady Merenga”.

Include an amount, symbol, or symbol

An easy method to make a name for a business distinct.

Examples: pizzeria “Pizzaman. Eat me! “, the hotel “GOLD 1905”, stationery “Knizhkin&Ruchkin”, pizzeria “More! “, travel agencies “1001 tour”, nail studio “4 hands”.

Be funny

It’s essential not to overdo it and keep in mind that everybody has their own way of thinking. A developer or bank that has an image like that is not likely to be reputable.

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Examples include the Pawnshop “Easy Money”, the creative agency “Hungry boys”, the bar “Peppermint Carp”, the children’s health center “Satisfied Spinoff”.


A company’s name is a name that triggers a particular feeling in the person who is using it This is why it may be more significant than the logo. In the end, when being exposed to the company’s name someone is able to envision the service the company provides and take note of it.

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